Daily Archive: October 2, 2021

The Moment After 0

The Moment After – 1999 – People Disapear

This is a typical example of a movie that makes us believe it’s something else based on the cover art. To me, this looks like an end of the world action flick but once it gets going it’s more about these people disappeared. It’s a mystery from start to finish and nobody knows when really happen. There are different theories to the event though. None of them are really satisfying. The Moment after is a...

History's Greatest Mysteries 0

History’s Greatest Mysteries – The Death of Bruce Lee

I have been watching every episode of History’s Greatest Mysteries so far. I’ve always been fascinated by the unknown and theories about what might actually have happened when mysterious events have taken place. This series has covered a few great mysteries spanning from the Bermuda Triangle to the escape of John Wilkes Booth, Rosewell, and the Hunt for DB Cooper. Of course, some of these subjects are more interesting than others. But most of them...