Accept – 2017 – The Rise of Chaos

rise of chaosIf you’ve hear the last few albums from Accept then The Rise of Chaos won’t come as a surprise to you. You will recognize the sound and I think it’ll be highly unlikely that you’ll dislike the album. Since Accept “re-formed” or what you should call it in 2010 and the Blood of the Nations album, they have always done very nice work. The guitars have been as groovy as ever and the background vocals are just as good as they were back in the old days. On the Rise of Chaos more than ever I would say. I’m really glad that Accept started to record and release albums again. They’re as great as they ever were. In fact they’re even better.

As with the last couple of albums you can clearly hear that the members really like what they’re doing. It’s not a 9 to 5 job and they deliver one great song after another; one great album after another.

Two members left and were replaced prior to this album but what I would say is the core team of Mark Tornillo, Wolf Hoffman and Peter Baltes remain. There is new drummer and a new guitar player but the sound stays the same. There’s has been quite a few line-up changes during the years so this wasn’t the first-time new personnel came into the band. That’s actually a great strength of Accept. To be able to stay in the same sound for several albums and several lineups without getting boring. The songs are that good! The fact is that Accept was never better than they are right now, not even during the classic era.

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