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Humanoid is the seventeenth studio album by German Heavy Metal band Accept. It’s the band’s sixth album featuring vocalist Mark Tornillo. The familiar sound is there, the male choir background vocals and the classical touch in the compositions. It’s hard to top their previous album though. I thought Too Mean to Die was their best album ever so I guess I was bound to be disappointed.
But it’s a good production featuring three guitars. I don’t know if it’s really needed but the sound-image is quite full and I love the sound as I did on the previous album. The songs are catchy to a limit which is a good thing. It’s kind of radio-friendly at the same time as it doesn’t feel like a sell-out.

Humanoid is also the second album not to feature long-term bassist Peter Baltes who left to join U.D.O. I guess bandleader Wolf Hoffmann is a hard man to work with since he’s certainly not the first member to quit and later join Udo Dirkschneider’s U.D.O. But what do I know.

After listening to Humanoid for a few times it certainly has grown. The songs get stronger and is easily recognizable early on. I like the album but it’s not the masterpiece I was hoping for.

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