Alius – The Art Of Self-Reflection – 2022

The Art Of Self-Reflection

I get news from record companies from time to time with new music to listen to. I have seldom written about them since I didn’t think I had the time or the right means to do it. But since I introduced the mini-review segment here on Active Context I think I can do more of these. It’s always fun to explore and even if it’s not music that usually suits me it’s very interesting getting to know what’s out there. I tend to prefer old music, but why not get a hint of newer music too? and in genres, I’m not that familiar with.

Alius is apparently an Australian artist. Never heard about him before, but then again, pop is not really my scene. If I understand correctly he’s now located in Sweden and has a record deal with Ocean Music Group which is a Swedish record company. AS I said, it’s more pop than what I usually listen to. I kinda like it. It’s very smooth and I can have it on in the background for relaxation. There seem to be quite a lot of collaborations on the album. in the press release, Rasmus Hagen is mentioned. Another artist I know nothing about. He’s Swedish though, that much I know. He’s on this album as well.

As I said, It sounds pretty nice. It has a nice flow to it. I think auto-tune is used but I’m not an expert hearing those things. I don’t really care if that kind of technology is used anyway, as long as it sounds ok. I’m glad I got to hear this. I’m not jumping with joy over the songs but on the other hand, why should a metalhead like me (well, not so explicit anymore) dig this pop album? But I like it for what it is. If I were into pop generally speaking I would probably rate it higher. But now things are like they are. Pretty solid!

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