All Them Witches – Sleeping Through the War – 2017

all them witches sleeping through the warApparently All Them Withes plays so-called Stoner Rock. That is a genre och sub genre I never knew about until now. Correction, I’ve heard about it but didn’t know what it was. Of course I cannot tell if All Them Witches is representative for the genre but it sound like they’re high on marijuana. It first I though it sounded awful but later I realized the charm. Some of the charm that is. It’s still not a favorite genre of mine and I doubt it’ll ever be. I will keep trying to “get it” though and I don’t expect this to be my last venture into this genre.

As every genre, stoner rock isn’t for everyone. It’s hard to focus on I think. It’s so psychedelic that you need to distract yourself from what you’re listening too. All Them Witches does that to me for sure. It sounds like something that belongs in the hippie culture. I realize that I generalize quite a bit now and I’m possibly rude to some people, i.e. hippies…

I’ve never been stoned but I can imagine myself listening to this during my trip. Not because I’d like to but because I wouldn’t know what I was doing. No, that’s mean. I don’t mean to downgrade anyone och anyones tastes in music. I’m sure there are people out the loving this. But I don’t…

The album cover looks like a colored Rorschach test. The problem with that is that I always see a uterus when I look at those pictures. So I guess that it means that we have a fetus sleeping in the womb through the war.

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