Anatomy – 2000 – Creepy German Flick

AnatomyAs I’m a Swede I’m used to reading subtitles. I have always done that as long as I can remember. In fact, that’s the way I learned English in the first place; watching those late night flick on the TV. It definitely helped me to learn how to read in the first place. Nowadays I don’t need any translation help when watching English spoken movies but it the sub title is there I can’t help but read it anyway. Anatomy is a German movie though and even if I learned some of this in school many many years ago I don’t have a clue without the translation.

I saw this many years ago but recently bought it on DVD. I didn’t remember anything at all from it except that I remember liking it ad that it was gruesome. In my mind I thought it was a German slasher of sorts but when watching it again I realized that this wasn’t the case. It has more to do with the “Skulls” film series. There is a secret society in the medical school it all revolves around. These people doesn’t care about the Hippocratic rules and conduct experiments as they see fit. This includes operation and dissecting while still alive. So students disappears and eventually ends up as subjects for the anatomy class the school is famous for.

The main character is more involved in it all than she thinks of course and when confronted with the past she more or less collapses. This needs to come to a stop of course, at least in her mind and when the society is exposed for real there’s more to it that first meet the eye.

The story-line is really horrific and it’s easy to be scared of what it’s all about. Anatomy isn’t a horror movie in that sense. There’s no supernatural elements, more like a thriller that really could happen. That’s probably what makes it so scary. The thought to one day waking up on the operation table being skinned alive in the name of science is truly gruesome!

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