Andre the Giant – 2018 – A Legendary Man

andre the giant

I am not a huge fan of wrestling but I have heard the name of Andre the Giant before. I knew that he was a legendary wrestler and that he lived a life that few of us dream of. In this documentary, the story about this larger-than-life character is displayed to us. It’s a really interesting story and it starts right from the beginning of his life rather than at the beginning of his wrestler career. Apparently Andre the Giant suffered from a medical condition, with the result that he never stopped growing. I’m sure that they mention height and weight in the movie but I don’t remember the measurements right now. Let’s just say that he was huge and that he was more or less undefeated his entire career as a professional wrestler.

With that said, we of course have to realize that wrestling is a scripted sport and that the matches are not really “live” so to speak. There is a script that the participants need to follow for it to be as entertaining as possible. At least that’s what it has evolved into. According to the movie, it was eventually decided that Andre the Giant should go up against Hulk Hogan for a match about the championship. The two were friends but since they had to become enemies to the public to promote the fight Andre the Giant had to become the bad guy at the end of hi’s career. And when Hulk tells the story about it you can tell that he’s very touched by the sacrifice, life, and death of his friend Andre the Giant. I think there’s even a tear running down his cheek at one moment.

For wrestling fans, this documentary is a must. Maybe there’s not anything new to be learned if you’re really into the sport. I can only judge based on my own knowledge. The pro wrestlers I can name are not that many and most of them are certainly retired by now. Yet, it can be entertaining t see a match now and again. I know it’s fake but even a fake fight takes great athletes to perform in a safe way. You don’t want to get hurt when you’re thrown around in the ring.

Andre the Giant tells the story of a career, a life in glamour, alcohol, and tragedy. Wrestling is a good story as anything else if you wanna tell such a story. I find it fascinating and I’m moved by the life fate described in the movie. Andre the Giant was not only a giant psychically, he obviously had a big heart and a great love for the sport!

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