Andreas Aleman – From Whithin – 2017

From WithinThere is at least two prior albums to From Within from Andreas Aleman. These are both listed och Rate Your Music but From Within isn’t – yet. On the other hand, there are seven albums on CDbaby including this one. That tells me that Andreas Aleman is no beginner. That it pretty obvious when you hear the music too. I don’t need to hear the previous albums to recognize that this voice is a voice that have experience. Andreas Alemans has total control over his singing. There are wailing that are in perfect pitch and I must say that I’m impressed.

I’m impressed because the first few time I listed to this album I wasn’t too impressed. It was way to slow-paced and laid back for my taste. I’m essentially a metal head that learned to listen to other genres as well. And contemporary singer/songwriter or whatever you should call this isn’t generally my cup of tea. But there was something about it that made me keep listening to it. There is a presence in the performance that make me interested. I think it might be that simple.

Mainly there’s piano and vocals and it sound… good! I’ve had this album in the background when working with other stuff many times and it perfect for that.

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