Aramis – Crimson – 2023


Crimson is an album by the band Aramis. Another band that contains of one person. just like Anal Stabwound that I wrote about a while back. I’ll say the say thing here as I said then. Kudos! It takes a great deal of talent to master all instruments, produce and mix the music and get it on the market. But I don’t know if it affects the quality a lot too. Maybe you need input from other people that is not yourself to go that extra mile. This isn’t bad bu any means. I like the Thrash Metal of Crimson a lot. There are nice riffs and even catchy melodies at times. But then there are the vocals. I can seldom stand growling to any extend. In this case is isn’t as bad as some cases I’ve heard. I can still hear the lyrics. Maybe not every sentence but a lot of it. That should count for something. But on the other hand. If the songs were sung by a “real” singer Crimson would have been a great album. Now it’s gets too tiresome in the end.

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