Asylum – Nowhere Fast – an “oldie” Heavy Metal EP

Nowhere Fast

I listen to very different music depending on my mood. As an old metalhead, I tend to lean towards Metal (duh!) though, and sometimes, as in Nowhere Fast by Asylum, there are really nice discoveries. Of course, there are loads of bands called Asylum. It’s just the same with movies. There are more than I care to count. When I checked out this band on I found that is was the 27th band with the same name. Haha! There you go. But it’s a good name, I like it and it fits a metal band perfectly.

Nowhere Fast is an EP from 1987 and you can hear that on the sound quality. That takes away a bit from the overall experience but as I’ve said many times before. It’s more important what sounds, than how it sounds. To a certain degree of course. But the fact remains that I like the music even if it sounds a little “cheap”. It’s classic Heavy Metal from “the good ole days”. Nothing more and nothing less. I found the opening and closing tracks somewhat better than what’s in between but very nice all the way through the music.

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