Attack of the killer Donuts – 2016

Attack of the Killer Donuts

Attack of the Killer Donuts, where to begin? Well, if you never heard about Attack of the Killer Tomatoes you might be in for a surprise. If you on the other hand have heard about it, Attack of the Killer Donuts is more or less the same thing. You take all the elements of an Animal Horror film – a Creature Feature and transfer it to a supposedly harmless object. In this case obviously donuts. But then again, don’t are of course far from harmless as they are a very unhealthy diet and could give you health problems that eventually can cost you your life. That’s a semi-disclaimer of course. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for people not taking the threat of donats seriously.

Are donuts deadly?

But as you well understand this is not about unhealthy diets. It’s about killer donuts! But why are they, such killers? Well, as in so many movies, the answer is an experiment gone wrong. We have this scientist developing a serum and he’s on a breakthrough. Of course, this serum isn’t contained in the lab and it somehow gets into the donut factory and into the frying oil where the donuts are made. The serum itself is made to regenerate life I think, much like the case in the classic Re-Animator films. But there is was this cool green color. Here it’s something else. It also has a few other effects. If you eat the infected donuts you will get gases and eventually fart yourself to death. Well, ore or less.

But the donuts themselves also get life, and it’s quite hilarious to see these dough-creatures spawn from the frying oil. The funny thing is that they have all their frosting and decoration on directly when they pop out of the fryer. Attack of the Killer Donuts is of course a parody of sorts. Not towards a single movie of course but to the entire genre. But it’s light-hearted and doesn’t take itself to seriously. That’s good. It’s great fun watching the actors having a blast in front of the camera. I think there are a lot of easter eggs in there and it’s always fun for film buffs like myself to look for references.

Bottom line

The acting is quite ok. You have to remember that Attack of the Killer Donuts is a light movie and should be watched as such. It’s not realistic and the characters aren’t either. It’s more like they were created as stereotypical as possible. I think that’s fine. If it were a movie taking itself seriously it would’ve been a bad choice but this is entertainment and you’re supposed to think they’re stereotypical and laugh at their stupidity and so on. You won’t be surprised by the outcome of the movie or the way it takes to get there, but the absurdity makes it quite hilarious! … and it’s bloody at times.

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