Backstreet Girls – In Lust We Trust – 2023

In Lust We Trust

In Lust We Trust is the newest album by Norwegian rockers Backstreet Girls. I was introduced to them by an online friend not too long ago. I sought them out and listened to a couple of their albums and liked what I heard! Therefore, when Backstreet Girls released their 18th(?) album I felt like I must listen to this. What is this band up to? Are they holding the quality up from those older albums that I heard? Of course, older, doesn’t necessarily mean old. Just not their last few albums. But I must admit. I can’t really remember which albums it was that I acquainted myself with.

I do recognize myself music-wise in In Lust We Trust though. It’s raw rock/rock n roll/hardrock party music if you know what I mean. It sounds old school and I feel that it’s driven by the joy of playing music. I would think that Backstreet Girls is a great live band. Maybe I’ll get a chance to experience them someday. I did not feel that this particular album, despite its cool title, really did them justice though. There seems to be a little edginess missing. Not that it’s a bad album by any means, I like it! But it takes so much to reach through all the other music stuff that is going on nowadays. It needs something special that I feel that In Lust We Trust lacks.

With that said. This will most certainly not be the last time I visit this album and I feel that it has the capacity to grow on me as well. But right now, I’ll leave the rating as it is.

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