Battle Beast – Circus of Doom – 2022

Noora Louhimo

There’s really nothing else to do but confess. I don’t follow bands and album releases in the same the way I used to in my youth. Battle Beast and therefore Circus of Doom has completely passed me by. But I did a quick google search and Battle Beast is a band from Finland. They have been around since 2005 and Circus of Doom is their sixth studio album. The signature sound of Power Metal is apparent from the first few bars and it’s more or less full throttle all the way to the end. I like it a lot! They have a female lead singer and I think that fits the music really well. Usually, when I think of Finnish metal acts with female lead vocalists I tend to think operatic. Maybe we can blame Nightwish for that. But this is not really operatic, nor growling vocals. Just normal Power Metal singing. It’s very refreshing! Now I must seek out the previous records…

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