Blutgott – Respawned in Heavy Metal – 2023

Respawned in heavy metal

To be honest, I never heard about Blutgott before. Obviously, I didn’t know anything about the album Respawned in Heavy Metal before either. But from the info I can gather I guess it’s a German band. It seems to me that their albums are available in two versions. One in English and one in German. I might very well be wrong here. If you know the truth to be something else please leave a comment down below. I found the album on Spotify and I can’t find much information about it so I drew my own conclusions. Not that I was conducting a very thorough investigation about it either.

But the music is obviously Heavy Metal. There is some growling here and there but there’s also “regular” singing. I can’t really put my finger on if they are truly serious with what they do or if it’s some kind of parody of the genre itself. The music is fine but the vocals seem a little silly at times. Not that I mind at all. I like the sound to be sure. As far as I can understand the lyrics are about fantasy and creatures you might find in a fantasy novel. Dragons, demons, and warlocks. To be frank I wasn’t paying that much attention to it. The problem I had when evaluating what I just heard was that I couldn’t really differentiate the songs from each other. I like them, but can’t really tell them apart. I think that Respawned in Heavy Metal is worth a listen for sure but it doesn’t spawn any Heavy Metal “hits” in my mind.

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