Body Count – Bloodlust – 2017

BloodlustBloodlust have one of the most hideous cover art work that I’ve ever seen. I’m sure there’s a political statement there and I don’t mind that. But the image is to freaking’ ugly. I don’t even know what it is. I mean, I can see the gun and all that but what is the symbolism here? Well, I rather talk about the music anyway.

When I started to listen to it a few weeks ago I never heard of them. I soon learned that the front man was Ice T and that this can be categorized as Rap Metal. Not a genre I’m very fond of. And It did take me a few time before I manage to get anything at all out from it. It’s still not a genre och style that I take interest in but once I start listening to something I want to finish. To do so I need to get into the album and analyse it and why not take the time to write a few words about it when I have the opportunity?

Bloodlust is a pretty violent album. I can’t say that I have energy enough to listen to all the lyrics. But what I do hear is pretty violent to its nature. I won’t analyse it. You might find it interesting that Dave Mustaine contributes on one of the tracks though. He plays a guitar solo and some spoken word at well. I don’t think it makes any great impact on the record but if you’re into Megadeth and Dave Mustaine it might be fun to know.

There’s also a cover of Slayers Raining Blood and Post Mortem. As a Slayer fan these are the best songs on the album. Ice T doesn’t sing on it so there’s no rapping involved. Kind of good and bad I think. If you’re going to make a cover, why not make it as different as possible from the original?

I will most probably never listen Bloodlust again but as always I don’t regret investing my time in the task. It’s always fun and interesting to explore music you know nothing about.

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