Borgman – 2013 – A very odd film…


Once upon a blue moon, you come across a truly different movie. Borgman is one of those flicks where you initially start thinking about the meaning and significance of some of the events. It’s very interesting to see the development and it’s actually really suspensive. And that is just because everything is not force-fed down your throat. The director and screenwriter force us – the audience to think a bit for ourselves. That’s what I like about Borgman.

Of course, I would love to get some answers along the way on topics that I don’t really understand. But as a whole, I’m pretty pleased by forming my own idea in my head. But if I can’t get any answers I would at least have wanted to get the incomprehensive parts explored a little more. For instance, there are a few scenes in the very beginning that almost lean towards a fantasy film och at least a film with a magical plot. When it’s clear that there’s no magic in the story these parts seem very unnecessary. I would have loved to understand where the perpetrators are coming from and why they prey on “innocent” people.

But never mind that now. Borgman is a really sadistic and emotionless movie. It’s highly provocative and the only thing I can really compare it to is Michael Haneke’s Funny Games. Borgman is even darker though since it doesn’t have any of the humorous parts that lightened up Funny Games. The story is very similar, at least to the naked eye, before you start o analyze and think more about it. Then you can find subtilities to differ them more of course. But I think it’s that way with most things. Once you really start to study and understand two similar objects, you will find differences.

Basically, the story is about this imposter that drives a family crazy by manipulating them. He infiltrates and taking small steps towards total control over the situation. More people join in the living nightmare and I guarantee that there’s no happy ending in sight. The closer you come to the end the more surreal it becomes. Just how bad it’s going to get? Well, you’ll have to watch it and see!

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