Brimstone Incorporated – 2021 – anthology film

Brimstone Incorporated

Brimstone Incorporated was sent to me just like the director James L. Edwards previous film – Her Name Was Christa. Since I saw the latter one first I thought I had a pretty good idea about the style of this one. Well, I was partly right I think. The style is recognizable but it seems like Brimstone Incorporated had a much larger budget to work with. At least in the special effects department. There are way more for in this one and the acing is also much better. That may have something to do with that Brimetone Incorporated is an anthology film of course. It contains three main stories and something to tie them together.

What happens is that this gut played by Drew Fortier receives clients and go through their file together with them. I don’t think it’s clear to the clients where they actually are and what has happened to them. For the audience, it’s pretty obvious though. It’s far more sinister than a dentist appointment. They’re dead and in hell, or at least on their way there. At the very least we can call it limbo. I really like that approach. I have read and seen a lot of other stuff and even fantasized about such a function. I’m not a religious man at all, but I do believe that there’s a reckoning along the way somewhere. Why not is the manner displayed in this film? Well, maybe it is a little too much dark sense of humor to belong in reality. But the main concept is totally believable to me.

Three Segments

Since there are three segments and the story connecting it all together there are quite a few actors and actresses. With a limited budget, it is of course hard to cast every role perfectly and some are acting better than others. As a whole, I think it’s pretty good though. And since the stories differ quite a bit from each other it’s also different acting skills that are demanded from them. I think some of them are doubling as other functions as well, Some may have a part in one of the segments and are in charge of the lighting in another. I think that’s pretty normal when it comes to low-budget movies. It’s more or less a bunch of friends having fun together rather than taking a part o to earn big money from it.

So what are the three stories? I don’t want to spoil anything for you but one concerns the dilemma of the first date. How much do you really know about the other part on your first date? Especially if you have met them on a dating service. Are they really those they claim to be? I guess the first date really lets you see the true colors of the other person. There is also the stereotypical mother where nothing is good enough for her son, at least not the girlfriends he gets. There’s always something wrong in Mom’s eyes and she lets it be known as well. Oh yeah, and pot kills!

Nice Gore!

I like the stories that are told and I like the story connecting them. This is a pretty gory film. It doesn’t really go over the top to a comedic state which is good! I like it more when it’s still believable even if there is plenty to go around. And Brimstone Incorporated sure delivers on that one. The effects are great all over the film. They’re kinda a mix between the stereotypical expected and the totally unexpected. A good combination where there are both humor in the expected events and horror in the unexpected or at least some surprise elements. Oh yeah, and the award for best actor goes to–*drumroll*– Tim Hale!

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