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Funky Abba 0

Nils Landgren Funk Unit – Funky Abba – 2004

Once in a blue moon a cover album worth mentioning pops up. To be honest, most of these are pretty unimaginative an boring, often just containing the song in a common arrangement. Of course, you can hear different voices from the original but everything else is usually quite the same. Funky Abba is different though. I should have realized that immediately when I picked it up as Nils Landgren doesn’t do anything but his own...

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Hezt – Där för dig – 2018

I recently discovered this hip-hop artist Hezt. Well, that’s his stage name anyway, let’s leave it with that. Let’s also leave that I would never have listened to him if the circumstance that I went to school with his mother back in the day. She, of course, proud of her son, shared his songs on social media and I needed to check out what it was. Actually, Hezt isn’t such a new acquaintance at all. Sh...