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The Restless 0

Karen Jonas – The Restless – 2023

I don’t really know where to place The Restless by Karen Jonas genre-wise. It’s a bit of rock, a bit of country and it seems jazz influenced at times. Even some swing element in there I think. But the bottom line is that it’s quite easy to listen to and I find myself with that stupid smile snapping my finger when I listen to it. It’s very soothing and it’s definitely not rock mayhem. Everything...

Ninas' Back 0

Nina Simone – Nina’s Back – 1985

I loved the pun of this album. Nina’s Back can of course reference both the photo on the cover and that she’s back for another album. Very funny in my world. For me, some kind of Jazz is hard to classify. This is that kind of jazz. It’s definitive jazz, but I’d also say funk (if I even knew what that was). It doesn’t rock my boat but it’s ok to listen to once in...

Funky Abba 0

Nils Landgren Funk Unit – Funky Abba – 2004

Once in a blue moon a cover album worth mentioning pops up. To be honest, most of these are pretty unimaginative an boring, often just containing the song in a common arrangement. Of course, you can hear different voices from the original but everything else is usually quite the same. Funky Abba is different though. I should have realized that immediately when I picked it up as Nils Landgren doesn’t do anything but his own...