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Shark Bait aka Jetski – 2022

Shark Bait is one of the new Shark Movies out there. You know that there’s been lots and lots of bad shark movies in recent years and when the Sharknado franchise is actually one of the better ones you know the genre is in trouble. That is if shark movies really are a subgenre all of its own. It might just be so because there is one title sillier than the next and when you...

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The Three Worlds of Gulliver – 1960

If my memory serves me, Gulliver visited seven places during his four voyages. In Jonathan Swift’s original novel that is. with that said I must admit I was rather confused by the title – The Three Worlds of Gulliver. Which  of these travels would be included? Well, as the cover tells us, the first voyage, that to the land of Lilliput. Where very small people reside is included. This is the most famous story of course so it...

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Treat – Swedish Hardrock Band releases live CD and bluray

I remember when Treat were new to the hardrock scene in Sweden. There was this radio show and there were two songs fetured. Not the I can remember which ones now but there was also an interview with Robert Ernlund. I think it was when Scratch and Bite came out. I got a couple of their early albums but later forgot about them. A couple of years back I once again got aquinted with Treat....


The Diamond Man Clan – new single

The Single “The Corner” is out now. It has some nice groove to it and I found it quite enjoyable. A bit on the soul/blues side but mainly hardrock I think. It’s of course hard to callify music and The Diamond Man Can isn’t an exception. In my world it’s a great teaser, I’d like to hear more form this band. Listen to it here: The Corner       


Alphaville releases a new album

Last time I looked Alphaville were three people. Two of them were playing syntherzisers and the third handled the vocals. Now I read that they’re five and they play “real” instruments like guitar and drums. Ok, so it was many years ago. I have no idea what they have been doing since Forever Young basicly. But maybe I will check out the new album Strange Attractor and see if I’m into what Alphaville does these...