Clickbait – 2021 – Everything is not what it seems..


Real Clickbait is kinda annoying as we all experienced it one way or another. You know when you find an interesting topic described in some header and once you click it you realize that the content is not what you were hoping for. Clickbait is a very effective way to attract views to your site and blogs. For this Netflix series, it’s not really the same though. Of course, the main story begins with just what you see in the art above. Someone is kidnapped and a video is posted where the sign is held up claiming the victim will get killed when the number of views reaches 5 million. Really gruesome video if you ask me!

Well, it almost starts off that way. There is some character building before that so that we will understand the rather complex family connections. There is the sister, the wife, and the kids. But also the mother-in-law and they don’t always see eye to eye with each other. Let’s say that some of the relationships are rather strained, to begin with. Then when the husband, the brother, the father go missing they connect in another way that they didn’t before. There’s lots of drama there. They all react in different ways and some relationships get more struggling than before but they also become more synergetic. It all depends on the situation at hand. I think the story and the script are very nicely written. It’s hard to lose interest during the eight episodes that the series span over.

The episodes themselves center around one individual at a time. It’s not necessarily that we see all events from everybody’s perspective but we get to follow one person at a time. This means that we get more and more clues from different angles to what might have happened. Why was he kidnapped and did he deserve to get killed after 5 million views? I won’t get into those details but I can tell you that you will most probably get it wrong if you don’t see it to the end. It’s kinda like old Italian gialli, there are lots of red herrings and you suspect everyone at one point or another. If you’re like me you constantly think about which ways the story will take. If it’s at all real or if it’s a fantasy played out inside someone’s head; if it’s staged for sympathy och if it’s really real?

I managed to get some of the clues right along the way. I’m rather proud of that! But I certainly was more wrong than right about the perpetrator. Once the final episode has passed you kinda sighs and let go of the tension that has been built up during the eight episodes. I think it’s a strong drama-thriller and I highly recommend it. You will be in for a surprise. I can almost guarantee that!

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