The Corrupt Half – 2016 – Horror flick

The Corrupt HalfThe Corrupt Half was sent to me for review. I really like when that happens. Not because I get a shitload of great movies in my inbox but because it’s usually stuff that I never heard about before. There’s not much that gives me such satisfaction than seeing something I never heard about and have no idea what is. So I watched the trailer first and decided I wanted to see the complete movie.

Said and done. The plot takes us to this house where a woman supposedly killed herself some years ago. Legend has it that several more suicides has taken place there over the last few years and with that in mind we follow a couple of young women moving in. At first there’s nothing wrong but soon this video sequence starts playing on the laptop. We understand this to be the first suicide victim and more is soon to follow.

I like the mystery that the flick provides. What is going on and why? Who’s corrupted half is really haunting the place? Is there a way to break the curse? Is there really a natural explanation to it all? I’m not saying you will get an answer to all you questions but that’s what I thought about when watching the corrupt half anyway.


The actors are all pretty bad. I can actually live with that since the story is kind of interesting and has some suspense at times. The running time is sparse though, the film ends after about an hour. If that is because there where not enough story to tell or if the characters weren’t interesting enough is hard to say. Maybe the script wasn’t longer or the money to shoot a full feature film ran out I don’t know.

If I was to say that it’s a great movie I’d be lying but there are moments when it’s a really nice film. I would have liked a little more depth to it, some more layers of the mystery. It’s a little to easy as it is now. You figure out most of the mystery right away and the parts you don’t isn’t really explainable anyway.

I think that Rod Wess who directed and wrote the film looked a bit towards successful japanese cinema when creating this film. Doesn’t a long-haired girl with her black hair covering her face sound a bit like Ringu/One Last Call/Ju-On to you? Well it does to me and I even think that there’s a couple of scenes where homage is really paid.

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