Create your Killer – 2019 – horror/comedy short

create your killer

I actually never saw create your killer before. But now that I found it on Bloody Fierce Prouctions youtube channel I couldn’t resist. It’s about what you can expect. It’s funny and witty but doesn’t have a dense plot. But in 7 or 8 minutes long so there’s really not much time to develop anything anyway. But what’s created in those short minutes is really all you need. You get a killer story with all the ingredients you need. It’s not much but you really don’t need anymore. In this case, I’d say that less really is more!

These three friends spend some time together and find an old VHS tape. And even if they first don’t think they even have a VHS-player they soon put it in and see what’s on there. I guess there’s a little science fiction there as well because the tape reveals itself to be a game. A Create Your Killer game. You can choose from some preset options of Jason- and Freddy-like figures but as Sarah Giercksky says in the film – “something seems off”. Yes, it does and that’s what’s funny about it. If you have some horror knowledge you’ll get the humor right away. Just like the opposite. If you don’t have genre knowledge, maybe you’ll have a hard time getting the clichés that makes this so on the spot. If you are into this kind of genre I urge you to head over to the youtube channel and give this little gem a watch. And while you’re there, be sure to subscribe to the channel as well.

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