Darkweb – 2016 – Human Hunt


I wouldn’t call myself obsessed with reality-TV films but I sure do find them interesting. Especially when they explore the darker sides of humanity. What are people really prepared to do to other people to make money on their suffering? In this case, a young woman is kidnapped and forced to participate in a human hunt. Of course, she is the prey. For a huge amount of money, wealthy people pay for the privilege to hunt her down and kill her. On top of that, everything is filmed with the intent to be put on the darkweb for additional profits.

I would say that it’s the latter part that really got me interested. Of course, the hunting element is interesting too. The trick is just to make it interesting for us. We want to see really nasty scenes where the woman barely survives. Because we, like the people filming the events, don’t want it to be over too soon. We want the suffering to belong and painful. Still, we want the woman to walk away with the victory and survive.

This farmer’s daughter is about to be hunted down

I’m sad to say that darkweb fails on all of the above (well, almost). It’s not exciting and there are no really gruesome scenes. We don’t really care about any of the characters, not even the victims. It’s just not interesting and I’m gonna tell you why. At least, in my opinion, this could’ve been a decent film if the music was better. I have never really noticed it so much as here but the music really doesn’t add any suspense or horror to the story. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It gets ridiculous and it’s hard to take anything seriously. The plot is that of horror and suspense but the music ooze comedy.

Danny Glover is in the movie, and I thought that this fact would count for at least some quality. I believe he’s also an executive producer. But his appearances are very brief and do not require any acting skills at all. He’s just a name added to make it seem more serious I think. Well…it doesn’t help. Darkweb is a failure and should only be considered for masochists to see. It’s really painful to watch.

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