DC’s Legends of tomorrow – What happend to this series?

Legends of tomorrow

It’s time for me to rant somewhat about DC’s Legends of tomorrow. I think it started out just fine and it was a very entertaining superhero science fiction series to begin with. Immediately after the first season, I was in some doubt as to how they were gonna continue the storyline. The story seemed kinda ended and they needed something new to keep it interesting. I think they succeeded and Legends of tomorrow was still a worthwhile show to follow. It wasn’t all that serious and there were always some points in humor in there. But it wasn’t utterly silly as the sixth season has been so far.

I realize that it has been a while since I last saw the show. Sometimes you have to wait for a new season and so on. And I don’t have the greatest memory I can tell you that. So, sure I could have forgotten some of the tone set in the series. But I have no recollection of cheap slapstick humor and obviously bad and/or childish jokes from the first 5 seasons. It seems to me that they were so desperate to change the concept to stay on the air and not being canceled that they’d do anything for a change, whether it’s good or bad. The main thing seems to be to keep the series alive and to take no pride in delivering a quality series anymore.

In the beginning, there were some superheroes in the show. Some people who might not be the most successful heroes of all time, but they had powers and they used them to solve their quests. Now, we have a magician that has lost the art of magick, a steelman that hardly ever turns to steel, and a once-powerful assassin that doesn’t seem to know any martial arts anymore. All mystique is gone and there’s not really a point to the series anymore. Ok, it’s still entertaining but more like a sitcom-ish kinda series than anything else. They stop at nothing to turn the story around and create more and more totally absurd situations.

I have a couple of more episodes to watch but I fear it’s too late. DCs Legends of tomorrow will never recover from the damages done to it.

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