Dismissed – Heads Held High – 2017

dismissed head held highFirst of all I need to express my admiration for Dismissed image. I really like that they make the statement of all humans equality. In my mind it’s really courageous to dress up and perform like that. If I would rate exclusively on image Dismissed would get the highest possible rating. The music is, however, more important when it comes to rating albums.

Dismissed does not represent a genre I generally am very fond of. In, fact, I have a hard time categorize it. Of course it’s rock music but I’d like to narrow it it down a bit if I can. That’s hard of course since I don’t have the necessary frame of reference for such a task. Which leaves me kind of in catch 22 status. Nevermind. This is rock that you’d probably hear on a radio rock channel. It sounds modern in my ears and the lack of riffs and recognizable rhythm sections disappoints me.

BUT… I must admit that after listen to the album a few times I start to realize that the melodies are quite catchy. At first I heard only screaming when the vocalist are singing high pitches but that changed. So that’s a good thing. This is absolutely an album that grows on me. Not as much as I would like though and it will definitely not become a favorite.

We are Dismissed.. We stand for love, we stand for the party and we stand for the glitter. We fight prejudice and oppression.

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