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Don't Look

Don’t Look was sold in, to be a slasher with a twist. It was also made a point on that it was directed by a woman. I don’t really see the relevance of that. A film doesn’t get better, or worse, on the gender of the person directing it. Not in my mind. A good movie is a good movie and gender has nothing to do with it. But I did like the cover art so I thought I’d give it a go. There was something about that mask that intrigued me. It almost looks kinda clownish and that’s something I’m very interested in at the moment.

We get to follow these five friends as they take a vacation from their busy New York life and go on a trip to the countryside. One of them has inherited a cabin there so they aim to spend some days in peace and quiet. That doesn’t happen. There’s someone else there already, someone who claims that the cabin is theirs. I wasn’t paying too much attention at this time but I think they kinda got in a fight over the ownership and of all the meat hanging around. There are game and trophies everywhere it seems. There were some cool sets where you could see all the deer heads and stuff on the walls. Not that I enjoy the display of dead animals but it made a point in the Don’t Look.

A few nice shots

Don't Look

There are a few nice shots in Don’t Look too. Most of it is shot pretty straight forward but there was a couple of them that really stood out to me. The acting is ok from all actors I think. Not bad in any way, and not good either. Pretty much what you’d expect. But…it’s boring. It takes a while before the killing starts to happen and I must admit there was a twist there. And if I didn’t know that would be a twist I would probably have missed it. But now I did know. It’s a lame twist that can be spotted a mile away. Most of the deaths are either totally uninteresting or off-camera. I want to see people die in inventive ways when watching a slasher.

I also want to care a bit about the characters. Me? I feel nothing. I don’t care at all what happens to them. And I don’t know who’s who among them, they’re all quite anonymous to me. The mask is way cooler on the cover art than in the movie too. I feel that it’s some kind of combo of the hockey mask in Friday the 13th and Alice Sweet Alice. So there are a lot of cons to this movie. There are pros too, it’s just over 70 minutes long. That’s good!

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