Dragonforce – Reaching into Infinity – 2017

Reaching into Infinity

If you ever heard Dragonforce preform, you know that the tempo is way up there. It’s so fast sometimes that you are totally astonished. And it’s not just pedal notes as can be heard in som fast Thrash Metal. There are indeed scales and patterns played absolutely furiously. Reaching into Infinity was a real treat in that sense. No holds barred, very high tempo.

For Power Metal it’s not necessary, but it’s very appropriate with this high tempo approach. And I’ve seen guitar channels on youtube claiming that some of the licks they’re playing is really hard to get right. Not just because of the tempo but also because of the paying style used sometimes. For me, as an absolute beginner in guitar playing, it sounds totally impossible.

But it is possible of course (duh!). And the strange thing is that it feel very relaxed. I feel relaxed listening to it and they feel relaxed playing it. It’s a very strange feeling. But I like it a lot. This is a really good album that definaelty makes me fele like exploring more thar just Reaching into Infintiy by Dragon Force. I want to hear more of these guys!

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