Dragonquest – 2009 – Asylum brings Marc Singer

dragonquest 2009Marc Singer might be most famous for  V –  the series, or Beastmaster. The latter might apply more to fans of cult movies of course. In either case he’s the most famous name is Dragonquest. Jason Connery, the son of Sean Connery does a part as well but I wouldn’t count either of them to the great stars of cinema. Daniel Bonjour does the main part as the chosen one. He is as good an actor as anybody else in there. If we take an average rating of them, we would probably end up with something below average. The story revolves around a pendant. The quest is to fill this with legendary gems that is hidden from the world in various places. It’s quite entertaining to watch Arkadi (Daniel Bonjour) collecting them. It’s obvious that the writers didn’t have too much imagination. Some of the hiding places are just plain dumb. Dragonquest is a movie produced by Asylum so such solutions is to be expected. If you’re aware of it you can go with the flow and fins entertainment values in there.

The acting is quite poor but I still think the actors make the best of it. I have seen a lot worse than this and the special effects seems to b made from nickels and dimes. That is an exaggeration of course! But if you’ve seen one movie from Asylum you know what I’m talking about.

If you’re into fantasy flicks like me I still think that you’ll find still amusing. There are dragons and there’s sorcery. What more can you ask for? Dragonquest is a movie that will stay in my collection but the bluray version is unnecessary for most and I don’t think I will re watch it again anytime soon.

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