Dying Fetus – Make them Beg for Death – 2023

Make them beg for death

Make Them Beg for Death is Dying Fetus’s ninth studio album. I can’t say I ever really listened to them before though. I don’t know why really, the band is not new to me in any way and I’m sure I’ve heard them before, just not really listened. There is a difference. But I’m glad I took the time with Make The Beg for Death. I liked it. It’s not my favorite album of the year or a masterpiece in my mind but it’s solid Death Metal in my book. Of course, I’m not sure about all the “extreme” metal genres these days, so I go for the easy description.

There are fast double kick bass drums and very nice riffs and licks at the speed of light which I really like. The vocals don’t really suit me as I can’t hear a word they’re singing but I can live with that. I just listen to the voice as another instrument that fits in with the rhythm and overall sound of the band. I like the aggression and since the vocals are very heavily growled and certainly not shouted I think it’s a very nice fit.

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