Eclipse – Monumentum – 2017

eclipse monumentumLately I have started exploring new albums almost exclusively. I’m one of those guys who’s used to settle for what I have and what I now is good. That of course doesn’t go well in combination with blogging. Luckily I’m also very interesting in trying new things. preferably thing I never heard of before. Eclipse is one of those bands and Monumentum is their latest album. I had no idea they were Swedish and being a Swede myself I couldn’t tell from the accent either.

But regardless of where Eclipse comes from this reach qualities I did not expect. Musically it’s somewhere between hardrock and power metal I would say. Probably closer to hardrock though. The riffs are good and the singer knows what he’s doing. The album is well produced. The guitars are clear and I like the focus to be on the guitars. I think the rest of the instruments, bass and drums are to be more in the background. At least when it comes to this kind of music.

Monumentum is one of the best hardrock albums I’ve heard this year (so far). Don’t miss out on this gem!

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