Evergrey – The Atlantic – 2019


Even if Evergrey has been around since the mid 90’s I never listened to them before. Actually I never even heard about them. Yet they are my countrymen and come, like so many other Swedish Metal bands, from Gothenburg. Anyway, I was so out of inspiration the other day that I asked a friend for suggestions on what to listen to. I got a couple of names and my choice fell on Evergrey. I choose their latest album The Atlantic and started to listen to it.

I find Evergrey to be pretty heavy music and with a bit too few catchy melodic lines. We all have our preferences. I’m very eclectic when it comes to musical tastes but still. I like it in a certain way for it to sound perfect in my ears. I got through the album alright but in the end, I found it to be pretty boring. Competent played and all that but I would like some more nerve to it. Actually it’s hard to put your finger on it since there’s really nothing ‘wrong’ with it. It’s just a bit boring and not for me. Either it’s not catchy enough or not progressive enough.

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