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Frank Stallone

I’ve known about Frank Stallone for some years. But…I just thought he was the older brother to Sylvester Stallone and was an actor in a couple of B-movies. A sibling that cashing in on his more famous siblings’ Success. There are other examples of it or course. And I do emphasize that this might not be their intent. They’re basically not as successful as there siblings. I don’t claim that they willingly cash in on another person’s fame just because they’re related. On the contrary, I think it would be a real curse to be compared to a more famous relative, sibling or parent or whatever. Thet’s my prejudice for you.

I recently found out that Frank Stallone is really a musician though. It started with a youtube clip about Frank getting a guitar from his brother Sly. In this clip, Franks plays and sings a bit and I realized that I must dive deeper into this. So I go to Spotify and search for his albums. There are quite a few there and I start to listen. The first one is very good and I think I recognize a couple of the songs. I’m wondering why I never listened to Frank Stallone before? Was it my prejudice?

It probably was. Even when I started to listen my thought was that Sylvester had helped his brother to a career in music. But that idea soon faded. There’s no doubt in my mind that Frank has built his own musical career. Of the albums I listened to I cannot say that there’s only one style either. Sometimes it sounds kinda like the Beatles while some of the albums are most in the tradition of Frank Sinatra. For me, I think these albums are the best and very soothing listening experience. I really like it a lot. And I kept listening until there were no more albums left on Spotify.

I grief that I haven’t discovered Frank Stallone earlier because I like his music a lot. He is a great singer! How much of the production and/or songwriting that is his I don’t know. I’m not sure I even want to speculate. But as I wrote, in the beginning, he’s absolutely a guitar player to be recognized. Not a shredder by any means and maybe not a virtuous. But a stable guy to perform songs while playing the guitar. If he’s a multi-instrumentalist or a songwriter is beside the point I think.

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