Gary Moore – Wild Frontier – 1987

When Wild Frontier came out I was seventeen and Gary Moore was one of my heroes. I remember really liking this album but when I hear it not I can’t really imagine why. Well, of course I can, there are some bombastic drums and some easy melodies to sing along with. Over the Hills and Far Away is still a great song. But apart from that, there’s really nothing much memorable over this album. The rest of the songs are not bad of course and the guitar playing is nothing to complain about. But there’s really no soul to it. I think the title track still holds up somewhat and then there’s the Easy Beat cover Friday on my mind. I think it says a lot when one of the best songs on an album where the artist is involved in writing all songs but one, and that one song is one of the best on the album. Wild Frontier has not aged well.

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Tommy Snöberg Söderberg

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