Girlshool – Take a Bite – 1988

Take a Bite

Take a Bite is Girlschools seventh studio album. The cover art is hideous, to say the least. I’m sure there are people out there who love it though. We all have differences in tests, both in painted art and music. The cover art usually seems percisted though and I can’t find that in the Girlschool discography. It’s all over the place artwork-wise. But the music, Oj, the music! Take a Bite is pure rock and roll. I can certainly hear why they made collaborations with Motörhead. Not that Girlschool sounds anything like Motörhead but there’s that raw energy. That punk-ish vibe to it!

I’m not that familiar with Girschool though. I know that it’s an all-female band from the UK. And yo show off my ignorance, I don’t know that many all-female bands that have put out great hardrock-rock and roll-metal albums. There’s The Runawys for sure and I now know about the Japanese band Lovebites which are more like power metal. Girslschool still has their bases in NWOBHM.

Take a Bite came out in 1988 and Girlschool had already been around for several years. I have a couple of their earlier albums on vinyl but I haven’t listened to them in years. As I remember them, it wasn’t really to my liking. But who am I to be stubborn and not give music a second chance? An album like Take a Bite does that to you. All of a sudden I want to hear everything they’ve done. So, I guess that this will be the start of the Girlschool series on the blog. There will be more reviews of this band’s albums in the future.

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