Golden Queens Commando – 1982 – Asian Action Deluxe!

Golden Queens CommandoGolden Queens Commando is a movie I’ve seen many times. I wonder if it’s released on DVD? I don’t think so. At least I have it on VHS and I’m not gonna part from it. It’s a cheezy Asian flick dubbed into English. We get to meet these 6 or seven women. One by one we’re introduced to them and we get their story of how and why they were sent to prison. They all have different skills and personalities. Some might be an excellent shot, while one of the other is a master thief for instance.

When I saw it again just a few weeks ago I realized that the intro of the women is actually quite long. Much longer than I remembered it. It’s also repetitive. But you know how it is. Once you’ve started to love a movie you cannot go back, how awful it really is.

Golden Queens Commando shouldn’t be a favorite movie of mine. It’s really not that good. It’s sloppily made and there’s too much humor involved. Apart from that, the English dub makes it even more humorous. But as I see it first and foremost as an entertaining movie, rather than a great one, I don’t really care. The story is far-fetched and not really natural. It seems to be designed to awaken some feelings from the audience. Feelings of sympathy and empathy. In other words, you might be touched by the sacrifices these women make for their friends even if they didn’t even know each other when the story began.

The story is a mess. It starts with these women meeting up in prison. In comes, another woman, the notorious Black Fox, and she recruit them for a dangerous mission. They break out of prison and set the aim to complete the mission. During this travel, they start to bond with each other and become friends. They also meet a band of thugs which they of course defeat with some clever games before they’re on their way again. Forever onward against the goal of completing the mission. I think the logical thing to happen ought to be that these women abandoned the cause and got back to their lives outside of prison.

It wouldn’t be the first time things a lot in translation though. This is an English dub movie and I bet that dialog in the original language means that the story will get quite different. I’ve seen that before. Just look at Shogun Assassin. It has a totally different story than the movies it was edited from. Just see Lone Wolf and Cub series and make up your own mind.

But in the meanwhile. I love this movie even if I shouldn’t. It has such great entertainment value!

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