Grave Digger – Healed my Metal – 2017

Grave Digger Healed by MetalBack in the old days. The days when there was still a heavy metal radio show in Sweden. I remember that Grave Digger was played on that show. Yes, since Sweden is a very small country there was only on such radio show. Once a week they played metal at a great broadcasting time. I used to tape them just to expand my library of metal music. Those days are gone now of course. These days we have the internet and different streaming services to discover music. We have of course the internet radio channels as well. So… If it were today I might have found Healed by Metal online. Wait a minute… I did! 🙂

Since that radio show in the 80’s I haven’t listened to Grave Digger or their alter ego “Digger” as they changed their name to at some point. Nevermind! I’m so glad for this new era where it’s easy to discover music. I just need to make a search for it and download it to my phone. With my new best friend (Marshall headphones) I can then explore the sound as I did with this album – Healed by Metal.

Music-wise this really suits me! Maybe the vocal track is a bit to simplified but the instruments, especially the guitars is just like I like them. Please note that I don’t have anything against the singer, I think he does a nice job. I just wish that the melodies were a little less straight forward. This is metal clichés one on one. But the vocal track is nothing against the lyrics and that’s what drags it down for me. I love true heavy/power metal as the next guy but there isn’t need to perform lyrics that are outdated since 1982. But I don’t have the energy to really listen to them. I hear that they are cliché deluxe right away.

The album art is another story. It shouldn’t be connected to any rating of course (and it’s not). That is also extremely cliché when it comes to metal. But here I have double standards. I love this kind of artwork. I could fill an entire wall in my hove with cover art like Healed by Metal. Well, I would like different cover of course but you get my point.

All in all with everthing connect. This ends on the plus side and I think it’s worth recommending for you other metal heads out there. Music-wise it’s really really good!

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