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Green Lantern

I know I watched Green Lantern sometime when it first was released and didn’t like it that much. Somewhere in the back of my mind I kinda recall that not so many people liked it. If that were the audience or the critics I can’t remember. But I see that it was nominated for a few prizes and won a few as well so it coulnd’t have been so bad? I do remember a joke about it in one of the Deadpool movies though. That if the timeline was changed. Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t have to make the Green Lantern movie. So, I guess that he wasn’t too happy about it at least.

Sure, it’s very VERY sci-fi, but is that necessarily a bad thing? I don’t think so. As I remembered it, I thought it was pretty messy and didn’t have a clear plot to follow. In other words, I didn’t understand it. When I re-watched it the other day I couldn’t understand why. Now it’s pretty straightforward to me. It’s an easy story to follow even if you wouldn’t know the first thing about Green Lantern. I don’t know that much, but he was in a comic I read in my youth so I have the main concept clear. And I actually think this is a pretty good adaptation.

Ryan Reynolds is more or less his usual self, as we have come to know him in recent years. Just a little less over-the-top. There aren’t as many jokes and one-liners in Green Lantern as in the more recent movies like Free Guy and Deadpool. I think he fills the Green Lantern customer pretty well. That’s not so true about a few of the actors though. Not that it’s the actors’ fault, they do what is required of them. But a few parts are a little too wooden and with makeup effects that are everything they shouldn’t be. Of course, to be a comic book adaptation might make it a little bit limited but if it were done today I think it would have taken a different path. But I still like it much better than I remembered it!

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