Green Lantern: Emerald Knights – 2011

Green Lantern

When I was a kid I read comics about superheroes. Those were my favorite comics. Green Lantern was one of them. I cannot actually remember reading anything else. Well, I guess there were the occasional sports comics although I was never really into sports, and still aren’t. Nowadays there aren’t so many superhero comics available in Swedish which is a shame since I miss them. I could, of course, import some in English but that wouldn’t really be the same for me.

I wouldn’t get that same feeling and the names of the characters would probably sound all wrong in my mind. But back to the Green Lantern. He was kinda mysterious back in the day. He didn’t really have any superpowers so to speak. He got all his stuff from this ring and everything about him was green. He could create just about anything from the ring, just like some kind of magic I suppose. Of course, it had to be melee weapons. He could create a bomb or anything like that. More in the likes of knives and clubs and that kind of stuff. Cool Character!

I saw Green Lantern: Emerald Knights the other day and was hoping for an adventure. But I was disappointed. There’s very little of the Green Lantern from my youth. MY Green Lantern. Instead, it’s a story about a whole league of Green Lanterns, an army. And this film really contains several short stories told to a rookie about the Green Lanterns Origins. Should be interesting of course, but that wasn’t what I was after. I guess there are more movies about this hero and this gang. Maybe I should seek another one out and give it a try?

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