Gretchen Wilson – One of the Boys – 2007

One of the BoysI actually reviewed Gretchen Wilson and One of the boys once before. Don’t worry, it was somewhere else and in another language. I don’t see it as a problem anyway since opinions are like perishables and are only valid for a short moment in time. Most opinions don’t differ that much over time though and only minor changes occur.

Country music isn’t my favorite genre but I do listen from time to time as I find it quite relaxing. I don’t need to be very involved in what I’m listening to. So bear that in mind when reading onward.

I like Gretchen Wilson’s voice and I think the songs on One of the Boys are easy listening. I’m seen all over the internet that she isn’t appreciated at all by country fans but I can’t see why. I think it’s just fine music. She might never deliver a real masterpiece (I can’t really say) but as the middle of the stream contemporary country, it works for me.

Be sure to use Gretchen Wilson as an artist when you search for One of the boys. Katy Perry apparently did an album with the same title. Oh heck! There goes my SEO. Well, never mind. Check this out, you might like it!

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