Helix – White Lace & Black Leather – 1981

White Lace & Black LeatherI think I first bought this album around 1985. On Vinyl of course! I still have it but I don’t think I ever got around to listen to it much. This was in the wake of the Helix hit song Rock You from the album Walkin’ the Razor’s Edge from 1984. Ut was kind of a huge hit in Sweden at the time. Therefore I needed to get more albums by Helix and White Lace & Black Leather was one of them.

I was under the impression that it was their first album at the time. Now I know that it was not. It’s a little bit funny actually. Their frist album from 1979 was called Breaking Loose. That is the song opening this album. I think the normal way would to have the title song on the album actually representing the song. But never mind, maybe it’s a leftover. I don’t know.

I think White Lace & Black Leather is a pretty nice album these days. It’s a classic hardrock album from the 80’s. You hear it pretty clear when you listen to it. The distortion of the guitars and the hardrock sound is typical for the era. There’s no Heavy Metal involved, just true hard rock.

I’m no expert on Helix but I sure will come back to them again. I have som albums lying around I if I don’t already have them I will seek some out. It will be interesting to listen to the old stuff I already have again. And perhaps even more interesting to hear what they have done in recent years. Sometimes it’s so rewarding going back in time and re-discover some of your past favorites. This is such a time, I will not forget about Helix again!

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