In Memoriam – Jerry Williams – 1942-2018

Jerry WilliamsThere’s no question what so ever about Jerry Williams status as an icon in the music business. He was active in the rock n roll scene for over 50 years. I remember him well from my youth and I believe I got some of his records back then, just to check him out. And I must admit that musically, he wasn’t my favorite by a long shot. I liked his persona though and I’ve later come to realize that he was the genuine article. He didn’t pretend to be someone that he wasn’t. Even though he was born Erik Fernström and used Jerry Williams as an artist name.

I did, however, get a couple of albums recorded not that long ago. Well, they weren’t from my youth anyway. I remember I was very surprised by the sound. My prejudice mind kinda thought that it was supposed to sound the same way as though earlier records I heard. But nothing could be farther from the truth. This wasn’t just some old guy not knowing when to quit. These later albums sounded fresh and even inventive. I remember at that point that I thought I needed to get more of his records. It’s not too late for that of course. But it hurts that I didn’t get the chance to appreciate his music more while he was still alive.

Erik “Jerry Williams” Fernström was 75 years old. Rest in Peace!

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