In Memoriam – Sven-Erik Magnusson – 1942-2017

Sven-Erik Magnusson Sven-IngvarsI think Sven-Eriks Magnusson is most known for being the lead singer in Sven-Ingvars. I’m not sure if he’s known outside of Sweden at all. The genre “Dansband”, which he represents, is typically Swedish I think. The term refers to that people dance to the music and by that I mean dancing together two and two. I feel that I need to clarify this because you can dance to any music basically. Just different dances. In my mind Sven-Ingvars was much more than a “Dansband” though. That is a genre I generally dislike. But Sven-Ingvars did it in a slightly different way. Their music were more rock-based than their competitors. They also attended rock festivals and I believe that they were both critically and publicly acclaimed for it.

Sven-Erik was one of the founding members and has been at the helm for about 60 years. The long line of hits spans from interpretations of poems written by famous poets like Gustaf Fröding to own pop songs. They have covered a swedish legend Owe Thörnqvist’s songs and they have been on the radio charts many many times over their long career.

Sven-Erik had been battling with cancer for a long time prior to his demise and did a farewell tour last year.

Sven-Erik Magnusson was 74 years old. Rest in Peace!

sven-erik magnusson sven-ingvars

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