Judas Priest – Firepower – 2018

FirepowerHands down, Firepower is the most potent and best album Iäve heard from Judas Priest in a long time. Their last few records have sounded a bit tired according to me. Here there’s full power to both the guitars and vocals. Ron Halford proves once again why he is the Birminghamian Godfather of Metal! Nobody does it better than him! And, as I said, the guitars are there as well. I feel like it hasn’t been that way for a while. The riffs have been kinda dull and uninventive the last few years. But on Firepower, it’s back in full force again.

There was some controversy when Firepower was released as well. Apparently, Rob Halford interpreted KK Downings comment about the guitar playing producer of the album to that Glenn Tipton didn’t play the guitar parts on the album. Rob demented the comments and said that he knows they were done by Tipton since he was there when the parts were recorded. I think the background also was that Tipton now, at age 70, is unable to tour with the band due to Parkinson’s decease. For me, I cannot deny that Judas Priest without KK Downing / Glenn Tipton on guitars isn’t really the same thing. At least Rob Halford is still in the band

I really liked this one. It has energy that I thought was lost many years ago. I don’t really care who plays the guitars. The music is awesome, that’s what matters to me. Of course, If I were to see Judas Priest live, I would prefer the classic set. But I think we all need to realize, as we grow older, our childhood heroes do as well. We ought to be grateful that they still put out records when they are in the full right to retire themselves and live a quiet life away from the stressful touring.

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