King Diamond – The Graveyard – 1996

The Graveyard

My relationship with King Diamond is kinda ambivalent. I most often like the ideas behind the albums and I like the background music. I often have a problem with the vocals though, which is more or less the calling card of King Diamond. He has a gimmick of using falsetto, the Graveyard album is not an exception. Well, if you have a problem with that singing technique you have… well… a problem.

King Diamong doesn’t use falsetto all the time though. And I must admit he usually uses the tqnique pretty well. On this album – The Gravyard – I feel quite the opposire though. I am distubed of the sounds he’s making during those high pitched vocals. I much more enjoy the lower ranges.

As a whole I didn’t really enjoy this at all. There are many King Diamond albums better than this although I havn’t heard them all. I will considder thins a paratheses in his career.

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