Kiss – Paul Stanley – 1978

Paul Stanley

Paul Stanleys solo-album, one of four that Kiss made in 1978, is the most boring of them all. It’s not bad by any means but it seems very unnecessary to make a solo album like this. I mean, why make an album that sounds exactly like kiss usually does when you get the chance to broaden the horizons? There’s no imagination in the selection of the songs at all. The album soon gets pretty tiresome.

But I can understand why. Paul Stanley is so much Mr. Kiss that it’s hard to differentiate him from the band. He’s used to singing in the band and he leaves nothing to the imagination. So this solo album could just be one of many kiss albums. I think that the first half is somewhat better but you lose interest in is pretty soon, and it’s not a long album either. It’s nice to have it but it’s more suited for a completist than a music lover in my mind.

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