Kobra and the Lotus – Prevail I – 2017

Prevail II have heard Kobra and the Lotus before. As I recall it was a very present meeting with their previous album High Priestess. So when I saw another album was coming out I just had to check it out. It’s been a while so I don’t really have High Priestess in fresh memory but you shouldn’t compare anyway so it doesn’t matter. Sometimes I can’t help myself though and need to compare with everything. Prevail I stands on its own though. From the first song to the last it’s great heavy metal. Kobra Paige has fantastic pipes and is a really good singer. We need more great female singers in heavy metal. The music comes out different with clean female vocals compares to male growling. That is obvious of course.

Kobra Paige does not make this a great album on her own though. There are also very nice music, lots of heavy guitars and even som distorted bass in the very beginning, playing some scales. It sounds really good. I like this album.

I was rather confused by the title though – Prevail I. In my mind I read that as I = Me, now I realize that it doesn’t stand for that at all. I is the roman number for one and if you can believe Wikipedia there’s another album coming out soon – Prevail II. That’s kind of cool and I’ll be looking forward to it. I hope it has more songs with the power and magnitude that this album has. Maybe there will also be some more memorable melodies which is about the only thing this album lacks. The singing is great and the music is nice but I can’t find a melody that stick with me.

But I have high hopes. Kobra and the Lotus delivers a great foundation and can very well deliver a real masterpiece in the future. Don’t miss out on their journey!

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