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legend of the seeker

Legend of the Seeker was a series that apparently wasn’t too popular as it was aired for only two seasons. In my opinion, there were a few more seasons to be squeezed out of it. Ok, so the initial premise was solved as early as in season one. The Hero, being the seeker, defeats the evil tyrant. But as they squeezed in a continuation with a shoehorn in season two it still made sense. The main protagonist and antagonist were still in the picture and we were introduced to a bigger picture as well. That all of them more or less were pawns in an eternal war between the Creator and the Keeper, essentially God and The Devil. But the story’s ultimate goal, to defeat evil, isnät what a series like this is all about. It’s more about creating a universe where you get to know the different creatures and characters and then send the heroes on quests and adventures. More or less like other adventure/fantasy series and films such as Xena, Hercules, and Sinbad.

It all begins with a prophecy. It is said that a man, who is for some reason born the be “the Seeker” and has the ability to wield the sword of truth, will cleanse the world from the evil tyrant Daren Rahl. This brings many adventures but with a thread of the main quest connecting the episodes. Maybe that was the problem, it shouldn’t have had the quest in there. Maybe the series had survived longer if it was just individual quests liberating the people? I don’t know. Personally, I like the quest and the struggle between good and evil. I mean, this must be the oldest story in existence, the struggle between good and evil. Of course, if we start to define what is good and what is evil we could debate this in Infinitum. I guess that’s also what has divided people in the real world. Look at all the wars carried out in history caused by religious beliefs.

In the universe of Legend of the Seeker, there are magic and wizards. They are not all-mighty and they usually have to speak out the spells they create and perform rituals for things to work. Some kind of wizards that is. As the series continues we are introduced to other kinds of magicians and sorcerers as well as the fantasy creatures that also have magic powers. There are those who have a natural resistance to all magic and also those that are trained to be magical beings. You might think this is a series aimed for children and youths and I think you are right. Just like with Xena and Hercules the audience that primarily should enjoy Legend of the Seeker is pretty young. That’s my opinion anyway.

Mord sith

Mord Sith

But then there are the rather strange creatures called Mord Sith. These are created creatures from kidnapped young girls that are tortured for years to gain their powers. Of course, this torture also makes them totally brainwashed and obedient slaves to their dark master. There are highly sexual creatures that bring my thoughts to BDSM. Not just because they’re bound and tortured in a highly sexualized manner but also because of the leather outfit that they were. Mord Siths are also very seductive and see to their own sexual needs as opposed to the usual timid women in the realm of Legend of the seeker.

Finally, I’ll introduce you to another main character in the universe, The Confessors. They have the ability to instantly judge if people are telling the truth or not but they also have one additional trait. When they “confess” someone, it also means that they’re creating a slave the loves their “mistress” unconditionally and have to obey the slightest command from the confessor. This bond is permanent and not broken until the confessor dies so it’s only used on enemies to achieve a greater goal. Of course, there are different variations of this depending on which kind of creature is being confessed as well, but that is the general idea.

The series was based on the Terry Goodkind series of books Sword of Truth.

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