Logan – 2017 – The Last(?) Wolverine Movie!

LoganLogan is a movie I wanted to see for a long time. Not just because it’s a Marvel flick or that it revolves around the Wolverine character. actually I never ever read X-men in comic form. I wasn’t even aware of most of the characters in it. But since I was a big fan of Spider-man in my youth Wolverine was in my conscious. I think he was a guest hero in the Spider-man comic from time to time. I can’t even remember. Of course I remember the blades coming out from the knuckles but that’s about it. What I know about the Wolverine is based solely on the Marvel films of recent years. I don’t know if they’re correctly based on the comic. It seems likely that the basis is there and that the film makers put something of their own in there as well.

Logan takes place a few years after the X-men films. The Wolverine is aged and Professor X is as well. Since the latter has psychic abilities se need to get constant medication not to go into seizure. Because if he does, he’s powerful enough to paralyse the entire surroundings. We can’t have that can we? Logan himself has wounds that won’t heal like they used to. He’s weaker than he once was and there hasn’t been a new-born mutant in the last  thirty years.

Logan drives a limousine and try to mind his own business but when a woman recognize him as The Wolverine. Things start to change. Being the grumpy man he has always been he first refuses to help the woman and her proposed daughter. It’s first when he’s offered money to take them to a safe place he starts to listen. The plans of buying a boat for him and Charles is strong but it takes money.

However… It soon turns out that the daughter, isn’t the womans daughter and is “hatched” in a lab. She’s also a mutant with more or less the same abilities as the Wolverine. She’s young and he’s old. but they have the same abilities. Maybe this means something to Logan? He would never admit it of course but his actions speaks for themselves. He is the true hero and do heroic action without thinking of the consequences for himself. It soon becomes and action adventure where Logan is the only thing between the girl and the protagonists. There is a new generation of mutant now. They need protection.

I heard that this movie were a bit messy in the story telling. That it wouldn’t be hard to comprehend the storyline. I didn’t have a problem with that at all. It’s a rejuvenation film I think. A film where we need to accept that the old heroes are soon gone and younger will take their place. That’s the way of life really. Nobody lives forever and younger  people will always come along to make the world a better place. It’s not so much an ordinary Marvel flick. The superhero action isn’t very prominent. This is more about real people and what they’re going through in life. In that sence this might be the most mature Marvel film of all.

That means that the entertainment factor is somewhat lower than the other film based on the X-men characters. Still entertaining and there’s a few scenes where Logan’s blades really gets into play and they’re really cool ones as well. As a whole I’m a bit disappointed but it sure is a flick that need to take its place among the other blurays when the release is done.

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