Lord of Cyclopses – Karma Hammer – 2017


Karma HammerTo be honest with you I have a hard time listening to music with too processed vocals. Lord of Cyclopses has this. At least on this album – Karma Hammer. The music is somewhere in the crosslands between old school hard rock and more modern radio heavy rock. It’s ok to listen to but nothing that gets me too excited. I would have liked some more riffs and some less basslines. But on the other hand, the sound is clear enough to hear the bassline without a problem. That should count for something.

Lord of Cyclopses is yet another band from the Gothenburg region in Sweden. I think that’s where the center of hard rock and heavy metal scene is located. I don’t know why though. It’s something about the west coast I guess. Karma Hammer didn’t suit me that well but if you like the modern hard rock sound that might also suit some radio playing this might be the thing for you.

Karma Hammer will be released on December 1st, 2017.

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